CD: Leap of Faith
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This project is dedicated to anyone who has a heart
that yearns to be all you dream to be.
That would be you! Leap!

—Musicians: stellar, angelic, and from the heart—

Taras Prodaniuk — bass guitars and vocals
Dave Raven — drums
Donny Lonepine Kirkpatrick — acoustic and electric guitars
Doug Pettibone — pedal steel, acoustic and electric guitars
Billy Watts — electric guitar and vocals
Phil Parlapiano — mandolin, banjo, accordion and all keyboards
Lee Thornburg — horns
Brandon Fields — horns
Debra Dobkin — percussion
Linda McCrary-Fisher — vocals
Angie Williams — vocals
Charles Henderson — vocals

Recorded by
Chuck Kavooras at Slideaway Studios, Sunland, California
and Dave Way at Waystation, Beverly Hills

Mixed and mastered by

Dave Way at Waystation

Graphic design by
Tornado Design, Los Angeles

Artwork by
Roberto Guerrero

Produced by
Taras Prodaniuk — the best!

© 2019 Jane DeCuir. All rights reserved