CD: A Little Sympathy
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My father, Larry DeCuir
He turned the hi-fi up to 11 after he sent me to bed, forgetting the mono speaker was on the other side of my bedroom wall.
My mother, Leota DeCuir
She loved to sing along to the Mills Brothers and is currently employed tending the roses in heaven.

My hat is off to all of you!

The fabulous Mojo Monkeys—
Taras Prodaniuk bass guitar
Billy Watts guitars
David Raven drums

And a host of other amazing players—
Phil Parlapiano—all keys, accordion, mandolin, banjo
Aubrey Richmond—fiddle
Lee Thornburg—horns
David Woodford—horns
Debra Dobkin—percussion
Billy Watts and Teresa James—background vocals

Recorded at
Honky Abbey Studios, Los Angeles, CA
and Red Hill Recording, Los Angeles, CA

Mixed by
Derek Bianchi at MuscleTone Studios, Berkeley, CA

Mastered by
Ken Lee at Ken Lee Mastering Oakland, CA

Produced with grace by
Taras Prodaniuk


© 2014 Jane DeCuir. All rights reserved