6. Leap of Faith / Well Alright
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Leap of Faith / track 6

I would like to know if you would like to get to know me better?
When you smile my heart goes wild and then my head’s light as a feather
Baby, everything  is alright. I want to be your satellite
This moon is blue
And baby, when you’re in close proximity
You got me diggin’ on your gravity
Supernova new
Let’s explore together, dear: space, the final frontier


And it’s alright, baby it’s alright.


And baby, if you said,”Let’s take a ride,” pop the top and I’m right by your side
Aurora Borealis Highway
So shy, with a blush upon my cheek, my heart so full I can hardly speak
Right here I wanna stay, stay, stay
Cruising around, just me and you. Well, all I can say is, “Ooh,ooh!”


Well, it’s alright, baby it’s alright
Well, alright. It’s alright


I have got an itch in my heart it won’t go away
If you found it and you scratched it I would swoon and say,
“Well, alright!”
And baby, if we traveled to antiquity, explored our archetypal imagery
Golden apples from you
But right now, you got me standing on my tippy toes, just to kiss you on
your pretty nose. What’s a girl to do?
On and on through history. Oh! Sweet mystery!


And it’s alright, baby it’s alright……..

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