4. Leap of Faith / South Dakota Farm
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SOUTH DAKOTA FARM (Smokin’ Joe Speaks)
Leap of Faith / track 4

Gotta be a reason why I’m standing here
I can’t  grow no corn, I can’t get no deer
Depression’s  got me strapped a cold winters comin’ on
I got a wife and kids and I live on a South Dakota farm


I can’t do what the bible say so I guess that I’ll be damned
And I’d lie to you if I said that hell was far from where I am
If it were right where I stand I would not be alarmed
Cuz nothin’ good ever seems to come from a South Dakota farm


Farmer by day, pool shark at night
Ain’t no kinda way I’ve ever been treated right
I was taught to hate it sealed my fate
All that’s left is my pitiful pride


So I make my way day to day with the devil at my side
God come down let me hear you speak
What was it you were saying about blessed are the meek
The crops  failed another year so I guess that I gotta move on
What’s to come of me my wife and kids and my South Dakota farm


Farmer by day so I gotta bootleg at night
Oh, there ain’t no kinda way I’ll get out without a fight
When I die, I will not cry my tears will all have flown
Into the sands and the barren lands of my South Dakota home


I’m standing on the bones of slaughtered buffalo
And the Indians who loved this land and called it their home
I bought the lie, don’t ask me why, it was all I knew to do
The damage done with greed and guns I pass it on to you

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