12. A Little Sympathy / Waking Dream
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A Little Sympathy / track 12

Left and right, our love will be answered.
Left and right, above and below.
The seeds we sow, my friend, we will gather
Sometimes fast and sometimes slow.


May I walk with beauty before me,
May I leave some beauty behind.
May I know when to lead and when to follow,
May I speak the truth and be kind.


Left and right…


Of myself, you know I am nothing,
Without the grace from above.
And by myself I can do no great things,
Only small things with great love.


Now life’s road it can be so hard and weary,
And sometimes well I feel so all alone.
But like that song they sang so sweetly before me,
You know my faith is gonna lead me on.


Left and right…………

Sometimes fast and sometimes………….slow……….

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