Americana porch swing blues guaranteed to put a smile on your face, hope in your heart, and a sashay in your step  
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Goethe said: "Things of quality have no fear of time." Here is an offering that has taken my entire lifetime to complete. This journey has been far from a straight line, and one might ask: what heroic journey has not taken this direction? It is an organic growth from my love of music. The power of lyric and song has given me something to hold onto. In many instances it saved my life and grew my soul. The power of song. The power of singing. Singing for power. Keeping alive the flame of the good that we are and the good we can become. Enjoy

    A Little Sympathy

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Americana Blues Music by Jane De Cuir: "A Little Sympathy:

Sun Ra
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 1. Careless Alice
 2. Demon Beast of Love
 3. Knock Me a Kiss
 4. Sunny Day
 5. Up and Go
 6. A Little Sympathy
 7. Lines
 8. River
 9. Pretty
10. Person to Person
11. Thank You for Leavin' Me
12. Waking Dream
Musicians: My hat is off to all of you!
The fabulous Mojo Monkeys:   And a host of other amazing players:
The Mojo Monkeys Taras Prodaniuk, bass guitar
Billy Watts, guitars
David Raven, drums

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Mojo Monkeys' page
Phil Parlapiano, all keys, accordion, mandolin, banjo
Aubrey Richmond, fiddle
Lee Thornburg, horns
David Woodford, horns
Debra Dobkin, percussion
Billy Watts and Teresa James, background vocals
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